Composable systems and workflow patterns for public and civic sectors.

Achieve the greatest impact by evolving people and software systems, together.

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Software features to support civic services

Emanating from the strategic consulting practice, systems solutions are tailored while working with each organization.

Civic Fabric provides Authentication, emails, SMS, file uploads, and image processing as a shared foundation.

Visual Fabric is a Community Mapping tool that displays networks based on many facets.

Share your Use Cases and organizational challenges with us. We're here to help solve problems!

Development Roadmap

Where we've been and where we're going. Contribute

Civic Studio established 2017 as a Startup in Residence

Responding to Startup in Residence prompt around Artist Lottery, Civic Studio was spawned to take on civic work, with a creative, technical focus.

Developed prototype with Street Artists in 6 weeks

Working with the Arts Commission in an user-centered and agile way, we were able to validate the solution saved each person 1 hour per week!

Land RFP's and build out additional modules.

Taking each opportunity to engage, educate, work together, and deliver working solutions, we will be able to distill what works, so we don't repeat ourselves unnecessarily.

Make strategic moves to scale intelligent public service delivery

The vision is clear, but the tactics can and will vary. By talking to customers and listening to feedback, we will evolve our offerings and maintain a dynamic equilibrium in this changing market.