Civic Studio is a small digital agency with large capabilities.

We are unique in focus and approach.

Civic Studio is primarily a Software-as-a-Service product company, which entails technical support services. Yet, we believe software is only part of the equation, and welcome opportunities to work with organizations moderninzing public services and pushing the envelope in urban planning.

We have helped organizations with the following types of challenges:

  • Digital Strategy - from IT infrastructure to marketing DRIP campaigns
  • Systems Assessment - related to Strategy, we can help assess existing Systems and Processes and provide a Systems Prescription
  • Process digitization / RPA / Workflow automation
  • Software integration
  • Software modernization / Re-platforming
  • Agile software delivery - custom web application development
  • Discoverability - SEO / Content Strategy
  • Designing for Accessiblity
  • Open-data strategy
  • Smart-city strategy
  • Community engagement

Working on a civic innovation project?

Whether just getting started or well-into planning and looking for the right partner to get up to speed and deliver ‐ we can help.