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Meet our People

Civic Studio is a small core team plus an array of unique satelite contributors. We bring a diverse set of cross-functional creative capabilties to bear on projects that improve the lives of citizens.

Civic-minded problem solvers

Civic Studio exists to support digital strategy and service delivery for public/government and social impact agencies. Sometimes, we build software to support our efforts.

Andria Wold

Director of Operations

Andria is a focused 🎯, concentrative and detailed problem-solver 💡 who oversees all aspects of Civic Studio operations. Andria's background in management consulting spans legal finance ⚖️, human resources, international education, and event logistics.

Ryan Wold

Systems Design

Ryan views the world as a system; focusing on relationships 🕸 amongst moving, interconnected objects, interacting with behaviors 🗺. From this perspective Civic Studio was started to improve the world through service to organizations, community, public/municipal, and societal systems. Ryan values public service 🏛 and is driven to serve the needs of citizens — better information, better services.


Activating the roles and skills needed for the job at hand

At Civic Studio, we enjoy working with clients and collaborators in a process-driven engagement, that is outcome-oriented, repeatable 📋 and verifiable 🔍 while remaining fluid to reality and organizational change tendencies. Through observation, we decided and orient, to take the right actions for now, with an eye toward maintenance burden as well. Software is a garden. 🌱

Working on a civic innovation project?

Whether just getting started or well-into planning and looking for the right partner to get up to speed and deliver ‐ we can help.